Dead sea salts after getting sugared

I don’t know if any of your body sugaring technicians have told you how amazing dead sea salts are, but I tell every single one of my clients!

We need to take care of our lady bits (or wherever) after we get hair removal done & dead sea salts are just the right thing to help your skin!

First off, where the heck do dead sea salts even come from?!

Well..let me tell you. They come from a salt lake located in the Jordan River. Its landlocked nature causes the water to evaporate and leave behind massive amounts of salt (AKA dead sea salt).

Jess and I go to this river once a year and bring back truck loads of this salt.

KIDDINGGGGGGG! Who has time to do that?! Am I right?


Okay, now you know where it comes from, so let’s talk about the MANY benefits dead sea salts have.

They treat/prevent ingrown hairs, rejuvenate the entire body, leave skin silky smooth, soothe sore & tired muscles, detoxifies & hydrates the skin! How amazing is that?!

Its actually super helpful to soak in dead sea salts for 20 minutes with warm water (NOT HOT) after your sugaring treatment to clean out the follicle & of course treat/prevent ingrown hairs. I don’t know a single person that likes ingrown hairs!


Are you hooked on dead sea salts yet??!

You could even mix them with a lotion for an at home body scrub! Say whaaaaaaaat?


So this is why we include dead sea salts in all of our bath soaks!

However, it is not recommended to soak in our scented soaks until after 24 hrs since your hair removal treatment. Only use the plain dead sea salts for right after.


-Lauren Potipcoe